Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a couple of minutes to browse through this small section.  Learning how your photographer works (as we can all vary) can be a big deciding factor on choosing the right photographer for you.  I've addressed some frequently asked questions, though please feel free to ask me anything else.

How would you describe your style?

I like to tell stories with pictures, and with wedding photography, tell the full story of your day, by capturing the laughter on peoples faces, and the tears running down their cheeks.  I hope that my images encapsulate the way you were feeling, in a creative fashion, that will give you something to look back on in years to come and feel proud of.  I focus not just on the bride and groom, but also on your treasured guests, who can pay such a big part in making your day special.  I'll capture the bits you were there for and the bits you didn't get to see.  Looking at your wedding images for the first time, should be a joyful surprise.

Will you spend the day directing the events and telling people what to do?

 I work to tell the story of your day, and aim to remain in the background so as not to interrupt the celebrations.  I will however cover your list of requested group shots, and take a little time out with just the two of you to capture some beautiful images which showoff your dress, hair, rings, all the bits which you have put time and effort into over the course of the day and often many months before.  I usually take around half an hour for this, although I can be flexible.  In general though I aim to produce natural, creative images of your day as it unfolds, rather than focusing on staged photo's.

Will there be a bright flash going off throughout our ceremony?

I use professional camera equipment and lenses which allow me to shoot in low light, in a church or registry office, for example, without the intrusion of flash going off throughout your ceremony.  I prefer the look of natural light, which gives amuch more natural feel to the story of your day.  The type of equipment I use also ensures I am able to produce these types of images whilst limiting the amount of 'noise' within the picture.

What if your camera equipment fails?

I shoot on more than one camera body, firstly so that I have back up, and secondly because I may need to change lenses throughout the day.  Two bodies ensures that I am less likely to miss a shot while changing lenses, such as the first kiss at the alter.

Do you ever just shoot on 'auto'

Nonever, ever.   Photographically, I was brought up shooting on film (back in the 1990's, before the explosion of digital).  This meant that I had to learn everything manually, from exposure, to developing film, through to printing each finished piece.  Shooting on auto would mean having very little control over the look of my images.  By shooting manually I can choose which part of the image I'd like to expose for i.e. if I want to create a silhouette I know to expose for a different part of the scene as opposed to a non silhouette of the bride and groom.  I can choose which bits I'd like to be in focus, or how fast I'd like the shutter to take the picture which would determine how sharp or blurry an object might for for example.  I now shoot this way using digital equiptemnt.

How far ahead should we book?

I will take last minute bookings if I am available, though I have often taking bookings up to a year or more in advance. A deposit fee is taken to secure the date of your choice, ensuring no one else can book this date.

Which locations do you cover?

I am based in the South West in Exeter, Devon, though with many years spent in London I know the area very well, and have covered a variety of weddings here.  I have predominately focused my attentions within these two areas, though have travelled as far as South of France and Southern Ireland.  If you are getting married abroad, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

How many photo's will we get?

A typical days shooting may consist of around 10 - 12 hours coverage, which will leave you with a minimum of 500 images, which will be fully, and individually edited (although you may end up with a lot more).


I don't believe rain is something to worry about on a wedding day, if it was I'd be a nervous wreck 365 days of the year (I'm a full time wedding photographer, shooting all year round, in all weather conditions). 

Here are some useful tips for couples who think it might rain on their big day:

·       Consider a pair of wedding wellies.  I photographed many welly weddings, you can view some of them here: 

·       If you think you may be standing on damp, slightly soft grass/earth consider heel stoppers, they can possibly help to preserve you high heel shoes.  I'd recommend testing these out before the big day to see how these work for you.

·       Bring a set of wedding umbrellas!  If you're brave enough to stand in a light shower, wedding umbrellas work well in a photo. I recommend using white to avoid colour reflection.

·       Make use of sheltered areas for couple photo's.  I would usually go and look at a venue before the big day to locate the best spots if I've not already covered another wedding there.  There are sheltered areas at most wedding venues.

Will you edit out my double chin?

Lol, Yes, if you'd like me to.  All of your guests should notice me at some point on your wedding day, though no one gets to see what happens to your images afterwards, or really knows how long it takes to prepare these.   I can typically spend around two weeks on editing your images individually, or sometimes longer.  This process may involve, taking out exit signs, plug sockets, light switches, replacing a blink if possible, or smoothing a chin.  I shade and lighten to create something that looks balanced and artistic.  I also produce a collection in a mixture of black and white and colour, though you may let me know if you have any preferences here.  I will NOT however, turn a picture black and white, and then make your eyes blue!

How do we book?

If you'd like to discuss a booking or have any pre booking related questions, please get in touch via my contact form with the date and location of your wedding.  Any extra questions can also be answered very quickly over the phone.  If you'd like to Facetime / Skype or meet face to face, all can be arranged!

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