L'Abbaye Chateu de Camon - France

Taken back in 2010, this wedding was shot during my, 'practise days', so you can imagine how over the moon I was to be invited to spend three days in the South of France, which was only a short plane ride away from my then North London address.  To top it all I was allowed to bring a friend (thank you Tanya, I'll never forget this trip with you), who willingly held my camera bag and other bits and pieces, although my equipment was significantly less back then.  With just one Canon 50D and an 18-200 lens, I took on request only candid pictures throughout the wedding day.  I recently decided to re edit some of my favourites which can be seen below.  You can view some my my pre edits (before and after) within my portfolio, in the edits section, or just click on the button below: 

L'Abbaye Chateau De Camon, bridesmaid
L'Abbaye Chateau De Camon, bride praparing for ceremony
L'Abbaye Chateau De Camon bedroom mirror
L'Abbaye Chateau De Camon, throwing confetti
L'Abbaye Chateau De Camon, laughter