That's Me In The Photo


In 1998, 

I discovered photography, which was my fate,

I bought my first SLR for 100 quid,

And really loved what it did.


Now I own several D.S.L.R's

Which cost the same as a couple of cars, 

They've taken me far and wide,

Much further than a four wheel drive.


Within my family is a photographic history,

I'm also the proud owner of a Photographic Arts degree,

My granddad photographed people on the beach,

And my other granddad photographed for Austin motors at their peak.


I love to tell stories with pictures,

And fill my calendar up with wedding fixtures, 

I'm silly yet when needed can be serious,

Capturing the perfect picture, can make me feel delirious.


To add skills to my credit,

I should tell you that I edit,

To make sure you're totally happy

After I've gone snappy snappy


I've lived in the Devon Country and the London City,

Which can both be very pretty,

I don't know which I prefer,

I love exploring, and seeing new places out there.


I've taken pictures for the press

Which gave me feelings of triumph and success

As it's all very competitive

But never ever repetitive


I've been published in newspapers and magazines

Now, Reveal, Heat, Hello, The Daily Mail, and The Independent are just a few of these,

I very much hope to publish more,

Seeing my images in print, feels like a score.


I've spent time in the studio, in my earlier years,

Capturing peoples laughter, and then, seeing their tears,

From families to babies, children, models, and actors

It's in the studio that I honed my skills as a portrait photographer


I hope you like my work, please get in touch,

I'll do my best to create something you love, very very much.


U.K and destination wedding and portrait photographer, based in Exeter, Devon, with many years spent in London.  I love to travel, and enjoy checking out new and interesting places when covering a wedding or event!